Le Gout de Italie a la Maison Casa Modena


The taste of Italy at home.

Casa Modena is like a large table, an ideal and unique sharing space that combines typical Italian flavours with the simple yet homely way of living, La Dolce Vita. All culinary experiences are an excuse to travel and discover, that is why Casa Modena conveys the tastes and flavours of Italy as well as all of the history related to them.


Emilia-Romagna: A Region of Culinary Excellence.

In the heart of Italy, Emilia Romagna is where Casa Modena has its origins, in the region where food is always prepared with a smile. In this area, eating well also means eating together.

Sharing flavours and tastes is in our DNA. Emilia Romagna is a rich and fertile region of Italy, an historic culturally and economically strategic crossroads. That’s why it’s easy to understand that the well-being that has always flowed from this region is boosted by the desire to live life to its fullest, especially at the dining table.

It’s right here in this region that the culinary talents of its inhabitants have been elevated to an artistic level, creating what is today known as “Italy’s Stomach”, the home of well being and good food.

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Le Respect de la Qualite et de Environnement Casa Modena


Respect for Quality and the Environment

Flavour and conviviality at the dinner table is a serious matter. That’s why at Casa Modena we always take the utmost care in what we do: from the minute quality controls on raw ingredients, to the strictest adherence to hygiene regulations throughout the production process, as well as technological innovation on our production sites, all whilst respecting gastronomical traditions.

The optimisation of production techniques of all of our products also takes into account customers’ expectations and environmental requirements. Our approach draws from traditional recipes to develop products that satisfy current trends and take advantage of modern processing, without forgetting to take into account considerations relating to sustainable development.

Casa Modena’s environmental strategy provides for the separation of waste and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, controlled thanks to the environmental efficiency index that links the quantity of CO2 emitted to production activity.

The history and tradition of Italian butchery.

The origins of Italian butchery go back to the days of the Roman Empire, when during their long voyages access to food was limited.
Over the years, in our region of Emilia Romagna, the art of butchery has greatly developed thanks to the nature and history of the territory. Indeed, the region had all of the required elements, the salt required for salting, the sunny weather and a countryside swathed in oak forests. This is why the local population quickly began to raise pigs, fed on chestnuts. Added to this is the fact that the region is a stop-off location for travellers and a meeting point for numerous peoples, all experts in pork salting, such as the Etruscans, the Gauls and the Romans. The first sausage and ham recipes were transmitted in this era.
Over the following centuries, this ancestral art was preserved by the monks, and in the Middle Ages pork meat was widespread thanks to the arrival of spices from the East, changing the way that meat was consumed.
After the year 1000, pork butchery became a specialised craft and in every town powerful associations of master butchers were founded. It was during the renaissance period that Modena became known for its sausages and salamis, and Bologna for its Mortadella.

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